Taylor Powell bio pic

This is Taylor Powell's first year with Iowa Select, and will be the head coach of 17/18u Boys for the 2022-23 season.

She has been playing volleyball since six years old. In high school she was a multiple sport and wanted to continue as a student athlete.

Taylor committed to Blackhawk for volleyball and basketball. She has also competed in Women's Nationals in 2022 and her team will be playing again this year in 2023.

Volleyball is a huge part of her family. Taylor is a founder of Volley Culture, the adult volleyball club/league. Volley culture is in the works of growing the volleyball community for the Quad cities by partnering with the city of Davenport. Taylor is an active member and contributor to tournaments hosted.

She has a love for the game, and hopes to see the boys program continue to grow for the community & her son.